Our team participated into fun and challenging project acting as technical specialists on a project similar to Uber, Lyft and Juno but targeting cargo transportation industry. Although there were several competitors on the market already such as Trucker Path, Convoy, Cargo Chief and Transfix product owners decided to proceed with the product launch and add more value to customers and carriers. Better pricing policy, smooth UX and wide network were the key factors to succeed and win the race.

Our team delivered an online store for a brand new nutrition products brand launched in France. It is targeting a wide range of audience by providing nutrition solutions for almost all sports to satisfy needs of both professional athletes and people doing healthy lifestyle.

Initially Justshirt project was started as a custom ecommerce solution with product designer feature but later it was expended with crowdfunding and merchant functions to be more like Teespring.

Romahaus is a platform that allows to design and order various types of small buildings (garden buildings, sheds, garages, mobile homes, etc.).

We developed an unique p2p marketplace solution for local food experience. People who visit a new place can get local food experience by visiting authentic places. Solution allows to browse all hosts, specify dates and make online reservations with payments.

We have developed a platform that enables customers to buy/ sell precious metals, bullions and rare coins online – Oxbridge House. The website is built on Magento e-commerce platform and equipped with a number of custom features to meet industry requirements.

Oxbridgecoins is an unique platform developed by our team that allows to provate persons and companies to buy and sell gold coins, gold bars and oxbridge coins online securely.

Verlene’s is a platform that includes a marketplace for beauty professionals who can sell and schedule their service for customers and an e-commerce store of beauty products.

Vizibal 5 years ago

Vizibal is an online e-commerce application used in the marketing and advertising industry.

AptDeco’s mission was to change how the pre-owned furniture market operates. The customer asked our team to find a technical solution for this. The client’s vision was to provide a set of tools for both buyers and sellers to be able to make deals online “without scams, hassles, and creepy people going into your apartment!” AptDeco needed to offer a complete end-to-end process to bring back the joy of discovering amazing furniture for the home. People can arrange pick-ups or delivery and process secure transactions through website. All items need to pass a review before getting published on website.

While in the UK and US consumer goods producers can concentrate on relationships with a handful of multi-national supermarket chains, the retail outlet base in Africa and emerging markets is fragmented (Large number of stores with orders that are frequent and small). Reaching these large numbers of small outlets is a difficult, expensive and costly business for consumer goods manufacturers operating in emerging and developing countries – Unilever, Nestle, GlaxoSmithKline, Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Heineken etc. Nigeria (Africa’s largest consumer market) has over 1 million of these small shops, thus making it very expensive for consumer companies to reach small retail outlets. Solution developed by our team was aimed to deal with the following problems:

• Fragmented retail sector

• Large number of stores with orders that are frequent and small

• Large number of delivery points

• Cash collected on delivery

• Large sales force needed for such large customer base.

• Risk of financial loss for manufacturers – credit sales to distributors

The goal was to build an ecommerce solution similar to Stichfix but for different audience. As there was to platform for such kind of project team decided to build everything from scratch using RoR framework. The MVP was successfully launched after a few month of work and we started to work on extra features and business automation.

The idea behind the project was to let kids design their own clothes in a few simple clicks, improve the usability and provide great shopping experience.

This is the unique project we were proud to work on. It is mostly a charity project that helps to create local jobs in Costa Rica and deliver unique and amazing handcrafted products across the globe.

Our team helped to launch a new startup to compete with traditional freelance websites targeting a specific category of customers that are looking for babysitter service and professionals that deliver such service. Core features of the project is to make customers and professionals to easily find and work with each other under strong safety and security services provided by the platform.