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Module that integrates Magento 2 for bank slip transactions with the payment service provider. Credit Card 7 months ago

Extension to integrate Magento 2 with Pagar.m2 Payment Service Provider.

Site Optimisation. 1 week ago

Have big experience in site optimisation.

Linux services optimisation, database optimisation, code, workflow, images, css, js and others.

Google analytics, tag manager, mail, maps, shopping API

Facebook likes, comments, pages, shares.

Integration with CRM, ERP, PIM, ...

Magento 2 Experience 5 years ago

Started working with Magento 2 at 2015.

Built 4 sites (CE), took part in 5 projects (EE).

Frontend and Backend developing, extension creation. Javascript, Web-Api, RabbitMQ.

Migration, Export, Import, Reports, Automatization.

Magento 1 Experience 9 years ago

2010 - 2015: (Magento 1.4 - 1.9, CE,EE)

Have projects with big count of products (10.000.000), sessions (1000 at once), SEO, complex functional.

This Magento 2 Shipping Per Product extension enables you to set a default flat shipping rate for all the products. Fill in the required details in the extension during set-up and stay tension-free about the shipping charges.

Developer tutorial on making changes to existing template files in Magento 2.

Developer tutorial on adding javascript files to Magento 2.

OpenMage 1 week ago

A Magento1 Fork, driven by the Community, where Iam one of the Maintainers

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