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Hyvä Themes provides an alternative method for constructing Magento 2 stores frontend. Luma, the default theme for Magento 2, has remained the same since the first release of Magento 2. As a result, the theme has become cumbersome, slow, and challenging for developers to work with. You won’t run into the same problems while using Magento 2 Hyvä theme because they are developed with speed and efficiency in mind, and they give you scores of 100 out of 100 across all of Google’s basic web vitals right out of the box.

Magento 2 Quick Contact Form lets your customers ask any question immediately while shopping and browsing your website with the help of the quick contact form.

Magento 2 Survey 1 year ago

Magento 2 Survey Extension helps store owners to add surveys and gain valuable feedback from customers about their products and services efficiently. With this solution, store admin can check and fulfill their customer’s demands quickly.

Magento 2 Guest to Customer extension helps store owners auto-convert guests to registered customers after the successful checkout. Now shoppers can place orders quickly from the store without registering, logging or filling any personal data.

Magento 2 Event Manager Extension allows store owners to showcase a beautiful event calendar on your eCommerce store. Now store owners can create, manage and sell events tickets effectively.

Magento 2 Google Customer Review extension by MageAnts helps store owners to collect feedback from customers and display the Google Customer Review button on their Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 Countdown Timer extension helps store owners to drive more sales by including extra countdown clocks at special offers or products. Use this powerful solution to add the urgency effect and boost your sales significantly.

Magento 2 Admin Email Notification extension allows store owners to manage admin notifications more effectively and manage important events. Now admin can get notification via email regarding the various store and customer activities.

Magento 2 Defer JavaScript extension by MageAnts helps store admin improve their Magento 2 store performance and customer shopping experience. Install now and enhance the user experience now with this effective solution.

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