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The Shipping Calculator Extension for Magento 2 enables the store admin to display the shipping charges directly on the product page. This benefits the buyers to assess the shipping charges before reaching the checkout process resulting in reducing the abandoned cart rates.

The Bulk Coupon Delete Extension for Magento 2 permits the store owner to delete the cart price and catalog price from the backend of the store without any delay.

The main agenda of the E-commerce stores to provide coupon codes is to plan the marketing frameworks and stimulate buyers in their store. Coupon codes are mostly provided to the customers in the product items or at the checkout for a fixed time period. The coupon codes are beneficial to both the customers and the store owner as the customers can get the product at a reduced price and the store owner can earn excess income. You can utilize coupon code benefits on either full or partial orders. The customer sanctions the coupon code at the checkout process, then all the conditions are matched and if they are satisfied then the customer can grab the product at an applied discount price by means of the cart price rules.

However, when the offer promotions get through, the store owner has to delete all the cart price rules one by one himself from the backend of the store. Unluckily, Magento does not provide the in-built feature to remove the cart price rules at a time.

The Bulk Coupon Delete Extension for Magento 2 allows the admin to remove the cart price rules in plenty from the store backend. The admin can also remove the catalog price rules in bulk. All this utterly preserves the time and efforts of the store owner. With this extension, the admin can flexibly handle the coupon codes from the backend.

The Disable Right Click Extension for Magento 2 enables the store owner to disable the right-click and the keyboard shortcuts on all or specific webpages or elements. This is to prevent a repetition of content.

With the use of right-clicking on the mouse, it becomes readily available for the audience to copy your content and download images, source code, or even tags of the store page. Every so often, your web pages might hold private data which you might not desire to get copied. Furthermore, bank websites and commercial websites maintain confidential data which needs to be protected from scammers and fraud. One can solve this thing by deactivating the right-click option on all your web pages and elements. You can easily find tools on the internet available freely but the Disable Right Click Extension for Magento 2 will also facilitate you to disable selective elements on the web pages.

The Disable Right Click Extension for Magento 2 by MageComp enables the admin to deactivate the right-click option for the user and also the keyboard shortcuts from being utilized by the users on the website pages. You can either disable right-clicking on the entire page or some of the pages. With the aid of this extension, you can easily shield your sensitive information from being reproduced by visitors. Through this extension, many shortcut keys such as Ctrl+C, Ctrl+S, F12, Ctrl+Shift+I, Ctrl+U, and others can be crippled.

Magento 2 Aramex Shipping Integration extension enables the admin to accomplish the order smoothly by synchronizing the order information of your Magento 2 store with the Aramex shipping.

Sited in the UAE, Aramex is the top supplier of custom-made logistics solutions, shipment, and transportation services and is providing shipping services around the globe. Entrusted by millions of people worldwide, the Aramex is the quickest and trustworthy shipping provider their shipping charges differ as per the weight of the product and the country you are in.

Aramex Shipping Integration extension for Magento 2 stores by MageComp enables the admin to readily accomplish their orders with minimal effort. With the help of the Aramex Shipping Integration extension, all the data of order such as product name, pricing, description, order ID, payment method, the shipping address will be synchronized with Aramex. The admin is also capable of setting a fixed time and the syncing will start automatically at that particular set time.

Inventory Sync SOAP API extension for Magento 2 stores helps the admin to sync their inventory and products with numerous Magento 2 installations and manage the product data and supply of all stores consistently.

Inventory management is an important factor for all kinds of businesses and the main cause for some of the failed startups is because of no inventory management. For the stores with an abundant number of products and those who sell on multiple platforms, it becomes a complex task to maintain the inventory. It is clumsy enough to keep the product data latest. Particularly n the quantity of stock when the same product is circulated on numerous platforms. Let’s take an example of the same. Suppose the customer has placed an order at one platform and if you haven’t updated the quantity of that particular product, then the order will be placed without you having the stock.

Hence, to completely eradicate this problem, MageComp has come up with Inventory Sync SOAP API for Magento 2 stores and to smoothen your inventory management. With this extension, you can spontaneously sync the product and product data by using SKU from the backend. If you have more than one Magento installation, then also the stock quantities will be updated automatically. The SOAP API is used which expeditiously syncs the whole product data. This means that if there is an update in the product at one channel, then automatically that particular product will be updated in all the other channels with all the data including name, pricing, description, and also the media. The admin can easily set the frequency and the start time of the inventory sync from the backend. The extension also comes with syncing of simple products and configurable products.

Magento 2 Google Customer Review Extension allows store owners to display reviews on multiple websites and store views. With the help of this plugin, store owners can drive more traffic, drive conversion and bolster click-through rates.

Magento 2 Guest to Customer Extension helps store admin convert guests to registered & engaged customers after the checkout step is completed quickly and automatically. With the help of this great plugin, store owners can enhance customer sales & return rates.

Magento 2 Hreflang Extension by MageComp enables the store owner to make their Magento store multilingual and multiregional and helps in evading the problem of duplicacy of content as it spontaneously creates the hreflang tags and permits the search engines to display appropriate websites to appropriate people.

E-commerce stores are basically started keeping in mind the whole world. They usually target customers from across the globe. Hence, it is significant to make the store in multiple languages. Moreover, multilingual sites come with duplication of content. Search engines do not consider content that is duplicate.

Hence, the Hreflang tags for Magento 2 aids in solving the above problem. The hreflang tags are the ultimate answer to the websites which has duplicate content in several languages. The alternate hreflang tag for Magento 2 is used to display a language that is most relevant to the users.

The Hreflang Language Extension for Magento 2 stores enables you to ameliorate your search engine optimization simply by not writing even a single line of code. You can expect hundreds of customer attractions by the integration of this extension into your Magento 2 store. the retailer can effortlessly add this extension to their home page, product page, CMS page, and category page. By using the Hreflang language extension, the problem of imitated content will be completely resolved and the search engine rankings of your Magento 2 store will skyrocket. So, your store earnings will also escalate to a good extent.

The Magento 2 Maintenance Page extension by MageComp permits the merchant to create a customized page for the shoppers and it will be used to show them when your website is under maintenance, update or there is an upcoming product.

At times when the website is about to set up a new theme or a new extension is aligned or there is an upgrade in the Magento version or there is a minor bug fixing, then the store owner requires the website to get under maintenance for some time. So, in that case, directly showing a blank page that the website is under maintenance mode, doesn’t look appealing to the customer and your store might end up losing its customer base.

So, instead of showing a blank sluggish maintenance page, you can show an informative and visually presentable maintenance and coming soon page on your website. To meet this requirement, MageComp has launched an all-new Maintenance Page Extension for Magento 2.

This extension comes with creating a customized page when your site is under maintenance mode and drawing the attention of the customers. Also, inform the customers when the site is back to work by sending them an email message. This extension gets along the countdown timer to display the users when the site will be ready. With just one command, the admin can enable or disable the maintenance mode. The users can easily subscribe in order to get the notification when the website is back in business. By using this extension, the admin can easily modify the coming soon page as per their requirements. The admin is also capable of appending social channel buttons in order to stay in contact with the customers.

By creating a little known game, students had the chance to see the main basic features of the VueJs framework.

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