MageDeploy2 4 years ago

MageDeploy2 combine’s multiple technologies and open-source projects to provide the deployment setup. It basically is a set of tools, configurations files, some custom tasks for Robo and Deployer, all tailored to fit the needs of deploying a Magento2 project.

Now that you know how to setup your pipelines, you might want to go one step further and keep just one pipeline configuration for all your projects. That is possible using Shared Libraries. The idea is that your standard pipeline configuration resides in a shared repository that will be accessed for each of your projects. Each project will then only set specific properties into its own Jenkinsfile.

As developers we are in the business of automating things and that also includes our daily tasks. In this talk we will cover all the steps involved in software delivery and how to automate them in Magento 2. We will also have a look at available open source tools that can help you with that.

Don’t you have your deployments automated yet? Would you like to improve your release process but don’t know how? Magento 2 deployments require many steps and not having a reliable process can screw up your live server. This session will show you best practises for reliable and fully-automated deployments. You will also learn about great new features available on version 2.2, that finally make 0 downtime deployments possible. We will cover simple automation solutions, easy to integrate for everyone, as well as more advanced optimisations using a build server. After this session you will enjoy the grace of automatic deployments and save a lot of time and trouble.

GitLab turned into a DevOps lifecycle platform instead of being "just" a web-based Git repository manager. In this session I'll guide you through the process of setting up GitLab and GitLab CI. You will learn some insights on how to configure a GitLab build via the .gitlab-ci.yml file. Together we will take a deep dive into the GitLab CI build pipelines to build and deploy docker containers to your dev, stage and production environments.

4 half days of workshops to get a CI pipelin run on your project on your hardware under your control

How to deploy your project changes without access to the server every time. Here you are the guide to make it possibile.

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