PDF Manager is a greate strong tool for create Business documents and manage templates for generated PDF, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoices and other.

Deep integrations with Oro Tech (Oro Platform , OroCRM, OroCommerce, DiamndDesk), Easy to use it with technologies based on oro platform , multi extensible bundles which support the features and behaviors of every application by domain.

WooCommerce integration Oro now imports WooCommerce data and able to access some of the data almost immediately and start working with their WooCommerce Merchants gain real value and ROI by using this data to leverage a complete 360° view of the customer, improve customer experience

The Austin, Texas OroPlatform Meetup meets monthly in Downtown Austin. I am the founder and organizer of this group, which began in August, 2016 as the first regularly-scheduled Oro meetup in the world.

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